The Wine Cirque

Wall Rack

We will soon be releasing the new Wine Cirque, Wall Rack. This circular wine rack has an outer frame that lights utilising Philips LED Alexa compatible lighting and a mirrored center piece. Fronting this is circular chrome racking holding 27 bottles of wine. Drawings are available and photos will follow online shortly. The Wine Cirque dimension is 1300 mm in diameter. Wine Cirque ring frames are translucent and this whole area lights up and glows when dark. Please register your interest by emailing us on our contacts form.


Key elements of this superb Wine Cirque Wall Rack and light feature are:


Wine Cirque Wall Rack. 1.3 m diameter (Translucent)

27 bottle circular chrome racking.

Mirrored center piece.

Philips Alexa Compatible Smart phone remote lighting.

Thousands of lighting colour combinations 

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             Wine Cirque Wall Racks will be available to order soon. 

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