Wines Cellars Limited has been established since 2013. Proudly, we manufacture our Wine Cellar Pods in the UK.

Sometime ago we searched for an off the shelf wine cellar, that was simple to install, with a contemporary design, that could accommodate enough wine bottles for an average households consumption. We found nothing that met our specific needs.


Wines Cellars Limited mission was then to develop an affordable Wine Cellar that would hold around 100 bottles of wine that would be design statement for any space - The Wine Cellar Pod holds 112 in its chrome racking system. The design had to incorporate elements that allowed a straight forward installation process that a general builder could carry out. The ability to retro fit in existing buildings and install simply in new builds and extensions was essential. It needed to be easy to manoeuvre and fit through tight spaces and doorways with dimensions that allowed the unit to be delivered almost anywhere. A steel and glass hatch, incorporating a gas strut, along with pre-fitted Smart Phone remote lighting and chrome racking were also essential components in the design process.


Looking into the Wine Cellar Pod from above the mirrored floor gives a spectacular optical illusion of  greater depth and 224 bottles. The Cellar is 4 shelves deep and all 112 wine bottles can be easily accessed by kneeling down and retrieving them by hand. However, we have also developed a clever device called the Wine Rod that can be seen on the Gallery page. This device allows you to easily add and retrieve bottles whilst standing by your cellar. The wine bottles are held in a custom made highly polished chrome racking system, each rack pitched at an angle to cover the corks of the wine bottles laying down. The Wine Cellar takes on ground temperature around it, and has connected humidity ports for airflow. The substantial steel hatch has 25mm glass top, chrome handle and a gas strut for ease of access. It comes with pre-fitted Alexa compatible Philips lighting, giving a myriad of colour options, that can be adjusted using your smart phone. When the unit is lit up, the visual effect has been described as superb.

The Wine Cellar Pods baby brother is the The Compact Wine Cellar Pod. It has a fluted wine shelf that hold 27  wine bottles, reflecting 54 bottles in the mirrored flooring, it utilises the same lighting technology. Priced at £1,950.00 this has been produced as a design statement and space saver. (See Gallery images) In the past they have been used in shallow floor voids and apartments. Further details can be found on the technical page. The Compact Wine Cellar Pod has a purpose built fluted wine tray, Philips LED remote lighting and a locking perspex hatch,  with steel collar and gas strut.


The result of this development and extensive tooling was affordable, ready to go, robust Wine Cellars that hold either 27 or 112 bottles of wine. They are a superb design features for your kitchen, extension, lounge, games-garden room or conservatory. Made in the UK, and complete with all components enabling a straightforward installation process, and of a size that could be delivered to the customer almost anywhere in the world. We achieved our brief and are very proud of the cellars we build.


The Wine Cellar Pod is sent ready to be installed, with all components and pipework fitted, direct to you. We deliver throughout the UK.  We welcome international enquiries.( However, due to Brexit logistical barriers we are currently not delivering Internationally) Once delivered we are available on the phone, Zoom or Skype to assist, should you need further guidance. We can be contacted at: admin@winecellarpod.co.uk

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