Wine Cellar Pod - Installation - Concrete Slab

*Create a block work box in the floor slab area with a 15 cm concrete base 140 cm square ( internal ) by 75cm deep. Block and beam and floor voids follow the similar guidelines.

*Lay duct from this boxed area to an outside wall that will accommodate 3 x 3/4 inch pipes within it.

*Position cellar into the hole, so top edge is at, or just below calculated finished floor level.

*Back fill with dry mix sand and cement.

*Add mesh reinforcement and cap remaining surface area, then screed.

*Complete your finished floor surface (see A and B choices in detailed instructions )

*Remove builders protective cover and fit racks ( if not pre-fitted ) and mirror. (5 minutes)

*Lower the cellar lid into the opening and connect electric cable to transformer whilst doing so.

*Job complete.

* Images of more installations in both concrete floors and voids under timber floors can be found on the    gallery page & menu page headed 'fit in a timber floor'

 Detailed 112 Wine Cellar Pod Guidelines can be forwarded upon request


Wine Cellar Pod - Installation - Floor void timber floor

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