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Wine Cellar Pod


Wine Cellar Pod - Installation - Concrete Slab

*Create a block work box in the floor slab area with a 15 cm concrete base 140 cm square ( internal ) by 75cm deep. Block and beam and floor voids follow the similar guidelines.

*Lay duct from this boxed area to an outside wall that will accommodate 3 x 3/4 inch pipes within it.

*Position cellar into the hole, so top edge is at, or just below calculated finished floor level.

*Back fill with dry mix sand and cement.

*Add mesh reinforcement and cap remaining surface area, then screed.

*Complete your finished floor surface (see A and B choices in detailed instructions )

*Remove builders protective cover and fit racks ( if not pre-fitted ) and mirror. (5 minutes)

*Lower the cellar lid into the opening and connect electric cable to transformer whilst doing so.

*Job complete.

* Images of more installations in both concrete floors and voids under timber floors can be found on the    gallery page & menu page headed - Fit in a Timber floor void.

 Detailed 112 Wine Cellar Pod Guidelines can be forwarded upon request.

 We now also distribute 28 and 56 bottle space saver cellars, contact us for more details and prices.



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Wine Cellar Pod

Wine Cellar Pod - Installation - Floor void timber floor

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