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The Wine Cellar Pod
It's part of the furniture


Wines Cellars Limited, a UK underfloor Wine Cellar Company who produces the Wine Cellar Pod Underground Wine Cellar, an affordable, modern home wine storage solution. 

This fantastic home wine cellar idea can be easily fitted and sits well in your home or any Interior Designers or Architects scheme. Whilst wine rooms, wine fridges and the larger underfloor and walk in wine cellars address the specific needs of collectors with 1000's of wine bottles. The Wine Cellar Pod circular wine cellar now holds 112 bottles in its bright chrome wine racks.The buried wine cellar takes on ground temperature, and your wine is easily accessible. It is an excellent space saving solution, and a focal point for any room. 

This technical innovation of wine cellar design is made in the UK and with Philips HUE LED remote smart phone controlled lighting, mirrored floor, and thick steel and glass lid. Priced at £4,500.00, it is the affordable luxury wine cellar and design feature for any home. 

 We now also distribute 28 and 56 bottle space saver cellars, contact us for        more details and prices. go to 

                                 Intellectual Property Community Design No: 008275689-0001




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