Wine Cellar Pod

The affordable underfloor wine cellar that looks amazing!

Easily fitted our beautiful Wine Cellar Pods are perfect for any existing space or can be included in any Interior Design or Architect scheme.

Wines Cellars Limited a UK Wine Cellar Company has designed the Wine Cellar Pod Underfloor Wine Cellar, to be an affordable, modern home wine storage solution.

Wine Cellar Pod circular wine cellar comes in 3 sizes holding up to 81 bottles in its circular wine racks. It takes on ground temperature, and your wine is easily accessible. It is an excellent space saving solution, and a focal point for any room.

Beautiful Design Feature

The Wine Cellar Pod lights up your room in the evening with its colour changing LED lighting.

Great Storage Solution

The Wine Cellar Pod is a fabulous wine storage solution.

Wine Cellar Pod
  • Holds 81 Bottles
  • Self Cooling
  • Perspex Lid
  • Three Tiers
  • Made in UK

A great way to store your wine, it lights up any room in the evening what a lovely feature to have in your home.

Wine Cellar Pod


The Wine Cellar Pod is available in 2 sizes varying in depth and the number of bottles it can hold

Treble Tier
Wine Care
  • Consistent temperature
  • Bottles laid on angled trays
  • No vibration
Great wine storageWine Cellar Pod
Wine Cellar Pod81 Bottles£4,400.00
Wine Storage For Wine Lovers
  • Affordable
  • A talking point
  • Colourful
  • Energy efficient
  • Space saving
With design in mindWine Cellar Pod

The Wine Cellar Pod, Underground Wine Cellar is a superb wine storage solution for your home. Developed by Wine Cellars Limited the wine cellar is hand finished and made in England. Our mission was to create an affordable Wine Storage solution that saved space, was sustainable and could be retro fitted or easily added to a new build project, extension, conservatory or kitchen.The Wine Cellar utilises the latest lighting Technology and is fitted with remote control cold running LED Lighting. The wine cellars Nylon Translucent material complimented by its floor mirror and think Perspex hatch make it a talking and focal point for any room. The Cellar is available in 3 Tiers holding 81 bottles.

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Wine Cellars Ltd is a UK company based in the heart of Shakespeare’s County, Warwickshire. We are very pleased to have brought the Wine Cellar Pod – from an initial idea – to a fully fledged product.

Our goal was to make each Wine Cellar Pod:

  • Affordable
  • Able to keep the temperature consistently cool
  • Energy efficient
  • Easily to install whether it be a new build or an existing space

It was really important to us to ensure the Wine Cellar Pod was not only designed in the UK, but  that it was manufactured in the UK also, and we are please to confirm that it is.

Wine Cellar Pods are available internationally. If you are interested in becoming one of our International Distributors please contact us for shipping quotes.

Our Wine Cellar Pods are featured on Houzz. Please take a look: Houzz Wine Cellar Pod Link

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