New Build

The Wine Cellar Pod comes pre fitted with lighting, mirror and ports for air and electricity. When it arrives it is fitted with a protective builders cover to keep dust and moisture out whilst you are building.. The Wine Cellars Lid and Collar along with remote control come in their own protective packaging ready for you to fit once your floor had been completed. Wine Cellar Pod is a great addition for your lounge, kitchen, extension, or conservatory. Ideally part of a new build the cellar can be fitted during the build process. Once in place and your floor is finished the only thing left to do is remove its protective cover and slide the collar, in to your finished floor level, fit the lid and its ready to be stocked. Comprehensive installation Instructions are available upon request.


Retro Fit

The Wine Cellar Pod can also be retro fitted into an existing space, Each situation is unique and again installation advise is available upon request.

Please click on an image below to download the installation PDF’s:




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