Wine Cellar Pod. The Underground Wine Cellar.

Wines Cellars Limited a UK Wine Cellar Company has designed the Wine Cellar Pod Underfloor Wine Cellar, to be an affordable, modern home wine storage solution.

This fantastic home wine cellar idea can be easily fitted and sits well in your home or any Interior Designers or Architects scheme. Whilst wine rooms, wine fridges and the larger underfloor wine cellars address the specific needs of collectors with 100's of wine bottles . Wine Cellar Pod circular wine cellar holds 81 bottles in its circular wine racks. It takes on ground temperature, and your wine is easily accessible. It is an excellent space saving solution, and a focal point for any room. This technical innovation of wine cellar design is made in England and with cold LED remote control lighting, mirrored floor, and thick perspex lid, it is the affordable luxury wine cellar for any home.


Remodeling and Home Design

Concept to Reality

From concept drawings to the Wine Cellar Pod home wine cellar has been created by Wines Cellars Limited in conjunction with Blue Print Design of Keighley. Blue Print Designs designed the conceptual images that are now reality.

photo 4

Myriad of colour.

 Wine Cellar Pod is designed to be fitted underground in your lounge extension kitchen or chosen room, manufactured in translucent Quality Nylon its cold LED Lighting and mirrored floor light up the whole unit and a throw superb ambient light


Technical Data

Wine Cellar Pod takes on ground temperature within a few days, it is fitted with 3 ports that accept standard plumbing pipe fittings to keep them water tight. The central port for the electricity supply, and a lower air intake